Jalpaiguri Public School

: Jalpaiguri Public School Christmas Celebration 23rd December    


The moto of the school is "Let Children be themselves" where they are given wings, the school also ensures that they develop strong roots. Most important is that children are, cared, loved, and made to feel cherished, so that they approach to the life with a positive attitude. Care is taken to help each one to grow spiritually, aesthetically, physically and academically in a homely atmosphere and in close collaboration with parents. Our education system derives its strength from a group of renowned, educationist who makes sure that every aspect of school ecuation is taken care of student benefit from the use of a vastly researched curriculum, scientific infrastructure and a teaching methodology. So that children are imparted "Education for life" which encompasses not only knowledge but also enhance child's in born qualities, Self reliance, and life skills which necessary for the 'COMPLETE DEVELOPMENT'.

The school's rules, regulation and academic structure regulated by the valuable opinion of renouned and qualified Advisory Committee.